Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colours of India, 17 days trip in India..

India, has been a place where most of the people would like to visit, yet scared of travels in this country. I had put on my first footprint in India on 5th July 2011. The initial plan was a travel with 4 other friends of mine. However, 2 were left out for some certain reasons.
We booked our flight ticket from LCCT, KL directly to New Delhi via Air Asia (pre-booked 1 year ahead), with a really cheap prize. Of cause, I would advise you to read up more before you step into this country as there will a lots of sudden change in plans from time to time.
We had pre-booked an hotel through internet before we arrive in New Delhi. However, we were in the stage of cultural shock when we reach the Hotel. The Hotel was hidden before some small buildings where u need to go through some small path, yet able to smell some urine smell on the way to it. At that moment, I was quite a shock as i am stepping into the capital city of India - New Delhi, but not some small town or villages. Undeniable, at that moment, i am thinking how am i going to survive for the next 17 days. Luckily, the receptionist has been doing a great job in receiving us on the night of our arrival. Slowly, i felt more comfortable and adjusted myself into this adventures yet marvelous trip in India.
An small reminders to everyone. India people will always say.. tipping is their cultural. They would actually ask for tips rather than allowing you to decide whether you want to give tips.
Most of the travels guide will recommend you to be extra careful for not being cheated, touts. Keep it up with this small reminders if you are going to travel in India.
17 days of India trip, I would say "wow for the landscapes." It was really amazing and beautiful. Will show you guys some pictures from time to time. The conclusion for the trip will be.. IT IS REALLY A INCREDIBLE INDIA.. you may want to visit this incredible country when you are mentally and physically prepared.

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

A&E junior MO?

Completing the HO training end of next month. Just happen that the current A&E doesn't have enough medical officer. So, 2 most senior Houseman will be selected to function as Junior MO. heard that my name is one of the shortlisted name. Hope that this is not true. As usual, things always got its pros and cons.
If i to take the JMO post, i will be able to have the chance to become center of reference by other HO where i can learn how to see cases with the responsibilities of MO. good dispose to me as i am going to start the MOship soon. However, it will compromise my chance of learning in red and yellow zone as they wanted JMO to base in green zone.. haih.. why can't they just put the JMO to learn in yellow and red? then, will settle all my queries.. zzz...

Saturday, April 2, 2011

tough decision..

to leave or to stay..
it is a final decision now..
so many many things to consider..
some may says.. i think too much..
but some may says.. a wise thinking..
in the end..
which will be a better 1?..

if stay..
can spend more time with family..
if leave..
can try to experience something new in life..
where should i head to.........

Sunday, February 27, 2011

Emergency Department

came into this posting.. ED. 1 of my top 3 choices to further my career. Hoping this will be a good posting for me. working in ED is a totally different kind of houseman life for me. here, we work in shifts. each days is either 7 hours or 10 hours shift. yet, you need to be fast and accurate in making ur diagnosis with all the adrenaline rush.
Even when you are working in a yellow or red zones, you need to be mentally prepared at any time that any kinds of cases would just appear in front of you. lots of the things learnt in first few posting already locked up far inside my deep seated memories.. hopefully can dig it out in this few days... hoping for the best in this department..

Friday, January 28, 2011

afterall, we all are still learning..

has been off from my blog for quite some time.
mainly due to the hectic surgical posting.
initially heard that this posting is really enjoying, yet most of us didn't really enjoyed it.
anyway, finishing this posting soon.. moving to my last posting in 1 month time. cross finger nothing prevent me from stepping into new posting. haha.
did realise something in this posting. no body ever appreciates. No matter what you did, you are always wrong. If u did better, people will put it in a way that you are expected to be good. On the other hand, if u did a small mistake, people will say you are totally useless.
The quality of houseman might not be as good as last time. Please don't forget that who are the one that training those houseman? new systems keep on changing and changing. it only causing bigger and bigger differences between the new graduates doctor and older generation. always keeping those new graduates working behind protected screen covered by some senior houseman actually will make them even more incompetent in the future.
frankly speaking, some are deserved to be extended in their posting. If they does, please do so as passing them may endanger the community. For example,
1) passing someone from surgical when they say McBurney point is between ASIS and Symphysis Pubis.
2) 3rd poster who is going to end the medical posting, cannot put in a CBD 16F for a hematuria patient who has been on CBD 18F for several days. Btw, she shouldn't try to change to 16F in the first place.
3) someone that did ARM when fetal head station -3.
i just hope that the overall services can be improved or at least maintain without futher drops..
Remember when i was in final year medical school.. i always questions myself.. am i good enough to handle a patient's life? Always hoping for the best for my patients..

Saturday, October 23, 2010

桂林-阳朔之旅 (1)

终于来到了中国。。 5天4夜的桂林-阳朔之旅也就告一段落了。。
看到了那么的优美的风景。。 真是让人流连忘返。。

第一天的食物。。几乎每餐都会有啤酒。。 导游说:男人不醉,女人没小费;女人不醉,男人没机会;人人不醉,酒店没人睡。。

竹鼠,好想尝尝。可是没人陪我。。 而且还蛮贵的。。

侗族的dewan rakyat/parlimen..

Monday, October 4, 2010


Life is complicated
Even more complicated with more complicated people around
However, sometimes it is fulled of joy
Medical field allows me to see different kind of people from time to time
I saw once, a son who loves his aged 80 years old father so much
till he is willing to come back from KL to bring his father to warfarin clinic on every wednesday
I saw once, a family that gave up treatment for the father who had a stroke
they just turn away by saying.. surely will die.. despite trying my best to convince them that there are still hopes, it is a stroke but patient otherwise stable
I saw once, family members who were in deep anger when doctors issue DIL, nearly wanted to fight with staffs
I saw once, a patient passed away after denying her condition for 1 week just for the seek of celebrating Raya
I saw patients who lie to doctors when we talk about smoking in a patient with Heart Disease
What's the point?
Life should be joyed
It should be warmth with loves, cares..
Fights till the end.. but not lies till the end..
Afterall.. it is still for a SIMPLE but a better LIFE..