Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Colours of India, 17 days trip in India..

India, has been a place where most of the people would like to visit, yet scared of travels in this country. I had put on my first footprint in India on 5th July 2011. The initial plan was a travel with 4 other friends of mine. However, 2 were left out for some certain reasons.
We booked our flight ticket from LCCT, KL directly to New Delhi via Air Asia (pre-booked 1 year ahead), with a really cheap prize. Of cause, I would advise you to read up more before you step into this country as there will a lots of sudden change in plans from time to time.
We had pre-booked an hotel through internet before we arrive in New Delhi. However, we were in the stage of cultural shock when we reach the Hotel. The Hotel was hidden before some small buildings where u need to go through some small path, yet able to smell some urine smell on the way to it. At that moment, I was quite a shock as i am stepping into the capital city of India - New Delhi, but not some small town or villages. Undeniable, at that moment, i am thinking how am i going to survive for the next 17 days. Luckily, the receptionist has been doing a great job in receiving us on the night of our arrival. Slowly, i felt more comfortable and adjusted myself into this adventures yet marvelous trip in India.
An small reminders to everyone. India people will always say.. tipping is their cultural. They would actually ask for tips rather than allowing you to decide whether you want to give tips.
Most of the travels guide will recommend you to be extra careful for not being cheated, touts. Keep it up with this small reminders if you are going to travel in India.
17 days of India trip, I would say "wow for the landscapes." It was really amazing and beautiful. Will show you guys some pictures from time to time. The conclusion for the trip will be.. IT IS REALLY A INCREDIBLE INDIA.. you may want to visit this incredible country when you are mentally and physically prepared.

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